Interfaith Leadership Institute Application Available

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The Diversity Leadership Council is sponsoring 5 students to attend an Interfaith Leadership Institute, June 21-23 in Chicago. The Crossroads Program will co-sponsor this endeavor. Participants will be selected based on applications, due April 9th in the Diversity Center. Students of all faith and non-faith traditions are welcome, including students with and without experience with Interfaith.

The application is available here: Interfaith Leadership Institute Application

What is the Interfaith Youth Core?

We live at a time when people of different faith backgrounds are interacting with greater frequency than ever before. We hear the stories of people who seek to make faith a barrier of division or a bomb of destruction all too often. Instead, we view religious and philosophical traditions as bridges of cooperation. Our interfaith movement builds religious pluralism. 

We define religious pluralism as a world characterized by:

1. Respect for people’s diverse religious and non-religious identities

2. Mutually inspiring relationships between people of different backgrounds

3. Common action for the common good.

We believe that American college students, supported by their campuses, can be the interfaith leaders needed to make religion a bridge and not a barrier.

What is an Interfaith Leadership Institute? 

Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILIs) equip undergraduate students, staff, and faculty with the skills to engage diverse religious and non-religious identities to build the interfaith movement on their campuses.

At the ILI: Students train to be interfaith leaders who build relationships across identities, tell powerful stories to bridge divides, and mobilize their campuses through interfaith projects. Staff and faculty network with other higher education professionals, share best practices, and partner with their students to transform their campuses. All participants learn how the Better Together campaign and the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge can be catalysts for campus change.

More information can be found on the Interfaith Youth Core website. 


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